The Game should become a drinking game. Everytime you think of The Game you have to take a shot, no matter where you are, amirite?

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Jigsaw: Would you like to play game? "damn hold on *take shot

i lost the game.

That'd be kind of awkward. Just think. You'd have to take a shot at school, shopping, at your grandma's, during a funeral...

What if you're underage?

we would all be in the hospital for alcohol poisoning.

i would be trashed all the time

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I would die.

Except that I'm pretty sure most people who say "I lost the game!" are underage.

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I would be the equivalent of kesha.

How would that even work?!

The Game meme needs to die in a fire

@wobbuffet The Game meme needs to die in a fire

I voted that comment down and then logged off to vote it down again. Let's see how low it can gooooooo <3

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