When an African American girl shaves her head no big deal. But when another race shaves her head its" omg look at her" or " what was she thinking ". amirite?

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its okay if you say black. im sure we've moved past the 'that's offensive!' stage. i grew out of it in 1st grade.

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I thought this said shakes. . .

And if they're African, or African Canadian? Or, what if they're African but they're white. My friend is African, and she's white. So can she shave her head?

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She looked more than "alright", she looked GORGEOUS!


Natalie Portman always looks gorgeous, but the post is talking about how other people think that women from a certain shaving their heads are weird.

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Oh, whoops! Sorry

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To call someone black isnt racist. I call myself black instead of African American. Its crazy when people get offended over something like that. And yeah. Ive noticed that too. Its more common to see black people shave their heads.

Black women look better with shaved heads... I don't know I guess it's the shape of their heads

It looks weird on all races

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