There's a line between a clever April Fool's joke and being a complete asshole, amirite?

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We should have learned this lesson as a kid on SpongeBob

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This grade 9er at my friends school jizzed on an Oreo and gave it to his 'friend'. He got expelled and fined 1000 for sexual harassment.

My friend wakes up for school at 6, and school starts at 7:30. Her mom woke her up at 6 and said that school was cancelled for the day. At 8 her mom came back in her room and said "APRIL FOOL'S! YOU ACTUALLY HAVE SCHOOL TODAY!"
I think that's clever.

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my friend and i covered my friend's dad's entire car in post its!

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One of my friends told me she has cancer as a joke

A classmate of mine said "Hey, you're pretty but APRIL FOOLS" but that's more of being an idiot than an asshole. y smilie

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my band teacher and this one kid were both in on a joke. my teacher said he was the worst trumpet player he's ever met and threw a broken trumpet across the room. it was funny when we found out it was a joke.

My bestfriend's boyfriend broke up with her as an April Fool's joke.

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