It's creepy when random people "like" breakups on facebook. It's either their subtle way of saying I hated that person all along but never wanted to tell you OR a creepy way to show personal interest in dating them. amirite?

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Or it's their way of showing that they just love other people's misery.

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There's a lot of things on Facebook that there shouldn't be. The "like" button on break up statuses, annoying game notifications, my mom...

It's usually just a very impersonal way of sympathizing for them.

It could be acceptable if they were in a bad relationship and unhappy, you could be 'liking' that they finally got away from a terrible person

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It's fucked up when*

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@rococo It's fucked up when*

good correction lol

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I've always thought of it like a "there, there" pat.

I've always hated when people do that.

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