It be cool to meet the person who looks the most like you in the world, amirite?

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That would be one sexy person hello smilie

It becomes less cool when you see them every single day.

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That would be my twin.

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My sister looks identical to Angelina Jolie when she was little. I wonder if she'll ever get to meet her...

fuustoleits avatar fuustoleit Yeah You Are +1Reply

That is probably my sister. She is 2 years younger the only difference is she is shorter. Though it is not fun being blamed for everything she does, especially since she has anger managment >.<

My friends say I look like Kesha.
I don't believe them, but I wouldn't mind meeting her!

Canadian_Ninjas avatar Canadian_Ninja Yeah You Are +1Reply

yah. not so exciting when you see them 24/7

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Doppelgänger would be the word (:

@krisbie18 Doppelgänger would be the word (:

heheh i'm all about the votes, idk if everyone knows what a doppelganger is

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