How to spot an unoriginal skank on facebook: she has Marilyn Monroe quotes in her status, overly edited pictures where at least one of them has text that says "to all my haterz", statuses about living it up, she comments on every cute guys status as soon as he posts it up, and is "married" to her best friend, amirite?

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It's crazy how accurate this is.

morganioos avatar morganioo Yeah You Are +14Reply

Holy shit, there's not too many girls at my school who don't do this.

Big_Bosss avatar Big_Boss Yeah You Are +6Reply

You just described half the girls I have friended on facebook

MissAwesomenesss avatar MissAwesomeness Yeah You Are +4Reply

i know a girl JUST like this!

Do you go to my school or something?

Kateismes avatar Kateisme Yeah You Are 0Reply
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