It's annoying when English teachers take off points for things that they personally dislike: "I hate rhetorical questions, the word 'however', and the use of dashes, so even if they're used correctly I'll take off points." Amirite?

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Mine circled all of my adjectives in my last essay and told me to stick to one subject. I didn't realize that adjectives and descriptive words were the same as new topics, but now I understand that I'm supposed to use the same word repeatedly.

My English teacher was constantly marking the opinion question wrong because she didn't agree with the person. She also took off points if the letters didn't sit evenly on the line or if the periods were too big or the commas too long. This was eighth grade, but sometimes it felt more like first.

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Mine says we should never use the passive tense (he is trying to escape). I understand that it doesn't work sometimes, but there are some situations where it doesn't make sense otherwise.

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My lit teacher marked my dialogue paper down because I used "Oh my God!" As part of an American hobo's speech. She said that "you Americans think it's 'cool' and 'rad' to blaspheme." It was just part of his character.

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My English teacher senior year had a vendetta against "due to". She would also take off points if we missed any obscure references to sex in poems (the woman had a seriously dirty mind, worse than even most 17-year-old males).

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I understand that we need English teachers for reading and writing, but when they correct essays it's just a tad ridiculous. I basically have to change the way I write every year...

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I hate it when they mark you wrong because they disagree with you. I'm not wrong, I just got something different from the passage.

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Apparently, I'm not supposed to use any contractions, not even in quotes.

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@SEXY_BEAST Apparently, I'm not supposed to use any contractions, not even in quotes.

My english teacher takes off 5 points for using contractions, also even in quotes.

@SEXY_BEAST Apparently, I'm not supposed to use any contractions, not even in quotes.

Haha, my English teacher last year took off two points for every contraction too, even though some things don't quite make sense without them.

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It's also quite sad when I have to correct my English Teacher...

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In grade 3, my teacher absolutely hated ''and then.'' She'd cross it out any time we wrote it.

It's even worse when your Social Studies teacher does that >.<

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@It's even worse when your Social Studies teacher does that >.<

My social studies teacher was an english teacher last year, so my essays are graded down on the most stupid things.

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we have a nice english teacher.. she never gets pissed off, probably one of the best teachers ever AND she teaches english (honors and ap)
She's prob one of my favorite teachers even if her class is a bit hard, she grades fair

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