It's annoying when people try to vilify Christianity by pointing to the Crusades and they always leave out the fact that the Crusades were a response to Muslim Turks killing innocent Christian and Jewish pilgrims in the Holy Land. The Crusades were a very dark time for Christians, but they can't be held solely responsible amirite?

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That's like saying it would be okay for Jews to go kill Germans. Obviously not all of Christianity is responsible for the Crusades, but that doesn't make it okay.

Well killing does NOT justify a reason for you to kill.

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You make it sound like the crusades happened mainly because of the Turks killing innocent Christians and Jews but that wasn't even one of the major reasons.

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Yeah I totally agree with you. The major reasons were economic and he used religion and the false word of god to protect his interests. If any of his sympathy went out to the innocent pilgrims he would have definitely not let the crusaders rape and pillage innocent villages of Jews and Christians.

really, don't try to to justify the Crusades

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That's exactly what I am trying to say

I want proof. I've heard of Viking killing innocent Christian pilgrims but never before have I heard of Muslim Turks killing innocent Christians or Jews. Link to article or something. And by your logic 9-11 was okay because of the part the U.S played in the decline of Afghanistan.

Well, Muslims did not only kill Christians and Jews, but other Muslims as well.

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Well, maybe not to vilify just Christianity, but religion in general.

Yes, but it's still a good example if someone is trying to vilify religion as a whole, including Christianity.

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