Friends are like trees, their limbs fall off when you take a chainsaw to them, amirite?

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Stop fucking doing this. It's going to become the first cliche of amirite.

"Friends are like tables, highly flammable drenched in gasoline"
"Girls are like raccoons, they're both mammals"
"Friends are like trees, they both fall down after being hit with an axe"
"Friends are like snow, they both disappear when you pee on them"
"Friends are like potatoes, if you eat them they'll die"

I mean come on, I can't be the only person who audibly groans every time I see a post like this.

I had to say "Yes you are" because yes, that is true, but how the hell does this shit get homepaged?

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So that's why!

repeat. Not just there have been ones extremely similar to this post but this litterally has been posted before

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