It would really stink if one day you learned that you were being filmed all your life for a TV show, amirite?

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Truman Show!!!!

enders avatar ender Yeah You Are +17Reply
@ender Truman Show!!!!

I was going to say the same thing.

@ender Truman Show!!!!

That movie makes me cry every time, but I love it so much.

Anonymous +2Reply

That would be a really boring TV show.

thats why i just flick where i think the camera would be.

Anonymous +2Reply
@thats why i just flick where i think the camera would be.

I did that...right before you posted this. Hmm, I will be watching you, er, Anonymous person.

RobotDevils avatar RobotDevil Yeah You Are 0Reply

I would have a lot of shit to explain...

LittleReds avatar LittleRed Yeah You Are +2Reply

I wouldn't watch that show.

ctiscoolers avatar ctiscooler Yeah You Are +1Reply

Then everyone would've just seen me choke on the hot chocolate that just burned my tongue.

This comment was deleted by its author.

(Truman Burbank): Hey, Truman, I love your show, and- oh, right! I'm not supposed to tell you about that! Hey, forget that I said anything!

RobotDevils avatar RobotDevil Yeah You Are +3Reply

For my life, it should be Punk'd.

umamaniquas avatar umamaniqua Yeah You Are 0Reply

That would be an amazing show!

Anonymous 0Reply

Like truman? heh heh heh

BeedleTheBards avatar BeedleTheBard Yeah You Are 0Reply
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