Kids in math problems have way too much time on their hands. Like seriously Avi? You're going to calculate the angle at which you need to ride your bike to get to Market Street? Get a girlfriend or something. amirite?

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Mohammed rigged them with tnt.

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Why are there only guys? That's sexist and setting a horrible example that makes girls feel inadequate.

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Even worse, maybe Ching Le Wu is a m-to-f transgendered person.

Also, I'm pretty sure that eagles don't need to calculate the angle of depression it needs to swoop down to eat a rabbit.

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Where do the math textbook makers get all of the pictures of the kids anyway? Are there, like, math textbook photo-shoots that call for Asian, black, Mexican, and handicapped kids dressed in really retro sweaters and flamboyant patterned sweatpants?

Nor am I going to buy 106 watermelons and give 78 out then find out how tall is Ryan.

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Or they don't have enough time...that's where we come in. We're Avi and Jessica and Jao Sun's personal problem-solvers!

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is avi going to meet JaQounDa and Shaqueefa at the bank when they get their monthly compounded interest loan?

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If they could, they would.

BonQuiQui, Shanaynay, Lataytay, Watermelonique, and Abbiniqua are all going to work at KFC. they all start out with $5.30 an hour. Abbiniqua and Watermelonique get raises and recieve $7.30 an hour. will Abbiniqua and Watermelonique make more money together in 5 hours than BonQuiQui, Shanaynay and Lataytay in 3 hours? Explain Dawg!

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It's usually you doing the calculating.

Laura, Davontae, Xi Lang, and DaQuon are meeting Avi at the market. They all live x blocks from Market Street and the tilt of the street is y. So what will the acceleration of their bikes be if a=xy?

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In my old math book the publishers made the names go along with the problems. (Ex: Robin Banks just robbed a bank...insert algebra problem) But some of them were jokes, like a person was Calvin Butterballs xDD

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That's a good idea. Piggy-back rides are more fun than bike rides.

@DerpyHooves (Chauncy Pickles): bow chicka wow wow

@1156070 (I_Love_Cheesecake): NO! Just piggy-back rides! What is wrong with you?

I thought Avi was a girl...

@Simba I thought Avi was a girl...

I actually know a guy named Avi irl. And even if it was a girl what if she's a lesbian! Sheesh!

Just kidding :p

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i sat beside a guy named Avi in math last year! he was from malaysia :)

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Avi is amazing and I love her with all my heart, ;) she knows who this is..

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I know an Indian dude named Avi

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Sue them for plagiarism and give me half the money. <3

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