You kind of wish you had an overweight gym teacher so you could tell them that you'd like to see them climb the rope first. Amirite?

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I did in grade 10, our fat assistant principal was teaching and told us to run a mile. I told him to do it with us cause he obviously needs it more. Totally worth the in-school suspension

My elementary school PE teacher rolled around in a rolling chair to teach us and never even got up.

I thought climbing the rope only happened on tv

My school as exclusively overweight or underweight P.E. teachers.

Every year in my life that I've done PE, I've had an overweight coach. No joke.

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Although I never had to climb the rope. I pretty much just had to show up for attendance, which was sometimes followed by pointlessly walking back and forth between the two gymnasiums to take attendance again. Rarely was there a legitimate warm-up in gym (plyometrics/pushups/stuff that actually made me feel sore). The activities rotated between bullshitting at sports and bullshitting at the fitness room (although I was able to get in a good workout from the bike). Twice in the school year there would be a "fitness test" consisting of push-ups, curl-ups, and the beep-test, which was running back and forth at an increasingly faster pace until there was a point where we could not get back in time. Other than these fitness tests, gym class was a joke in my school.

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I've always had an overweight gym teacher except for my aerobics teacher. And I didn't actually think kids had to climb ropes in gym class. I honestly thought that was just in TV shows.

I don't understand why climbing a rope is so hard. And I don't have to take gym anymore since I row, and all my coaches are extremely fit and accomplished rowers, so fuck.

Climbing that rope always seemed incredibly dangerous to me.

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