It's weird when you have the bath running and you get undressed before it's ready. Do you just awkwardly stand there in the nude and wait, do you get dressed again (only to have that undone in a few minutes), or do you get into the bath, risking getting burned or frozen by the little water that's in there, amirite?

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I just like to be naked

I usually take showers, but my shower temperature goes from bone-chilling cold to flesh-melting hot in less than a second with no inbetween.

And it really sucks because about six months ago we were on level 4 water restrictions, which mean like, no watering garden or washing cars, but also 5 minute showers (the local government even gave every household a 5-minute mini hourglass that stuck to the shower wall) and it takes more than 5 minutes to get the shower to the right temperature.

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I don't have the time for a bath. Also, my father for some reason likes to do handiwork on the house and never finishes, so the bathroom that contains our bath has a wall missing, and looks into our backyard - IE, any neighbour looking over their fence could see me.

And, yeah, it is - I'm not actually sure about the current water restrictions at the moment (staying with my parents and not having to worry about water and utilities bills is bliss), but before the floods, they predicted we were going to run out of water in a couple years, and my mum said we were moving back to New Zealand if that ever happened.

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I wait until the water is hot, but I don't find it weird at all.

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I'm one of the few people who prefers baths to showers, I think. :) And I usually either do the first or third ones. :P

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