It would be interesting to read a book of all the things people have ever said about you behind your back, amirite?

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And kind of horrible, probably.

Stuffs avatar Stuff Yeah You Are +47Reply
@Stuff And kind of horrible, probably.

That's what I was thinking. It's probably hurt A LOT.

i would probably cry i know some of the things that are said behind my back i don't want to know anymore.

I think that kid's illiterate, I never see him reading.

armtheangelss avatar armtheangels Yeah You Are +18Reply

i would lul because i would know they didnt have the balls to say anything to my face.

Thomass avatar Thomas Yeah You Are +17Reply

It should be split into two chapters: one being the good thongs, and one being the bad (aka ones left unread)

I'll call it the Book of Hate

Big_Bosss avatar Big_Boss Yeah You Are +13Reply

The Burn Book.

Anonymous +12Reply
@The Burn Book.

except its the flip side:
a bunch of people writing about one person.

I wouldn't be able to read it, and if it did, my sensitive soul would probably be crushed. I hate criticism :/

lifeisgoodudes avatar lifeisgoodude Yeah You Are +4Reply

Bad things only or good too?

Anonymous +3Reply
@Bad things only or good too?

"The user BadAss is a liar because he's no badass at all."

@Bad things only or good too?

Nothing bad has ever been said about me....

My friends talk about me a lot, but mostly because im an odd person, so their parents know me before I meet them. O.o

SolFlowers avatar SolFlower Yeah You Are +3Reply

A few people would be getting a good punch in the face.

"Enormous penis"
"Great in the sack"
"I'd fuck him any day!"
I'd probably pencil those in incase someone else read it

I'd be ready for a killing spree.

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