Its annoying when you're standing waiting for the elevator, and new people come and press the elevator button.. as if they're assuming you don't know how to use an elevator.. "Oh is that what I'm supposed to do.. Not just stand here and wait for the elevator to acknowledge my presence..?", amirite?

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I can see your point, this was geared more towards button stationed outside an elevator, rather than one button outside a block of elevators where you have to hit up or down.. (because on the one button to elevator situation, that one has already been hit, due to people waiting there, while the block of elevators would have 2 buttons for the whole block, and you'd have to hit it to make sure one is coming for your specific direction)

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oh and same for crosswalks!!

So that's what that button is for! I thought maybe the elevator god disapproved of me. All the hours I wasted...

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Shhh! He can hear you.

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Great minds think alike. I posted this awhile ago, its okay cause I made the homepage too.

this post is freakin amazing!!

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