America is what's holding the world from real progress with their fatness, ignorance, arrogance and narcissism, amirite?

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your welcome for the shitload of money we sent to Haiti while we're in a recession

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Yeah, that's why MILLIONS of people immigrate here, and why even more people want to live here. We're the Land of the Free for a reason. So shut the fuck up, you ignorant little shit.

Well seeing as how I know barely any fat people, I'm not vain in ANY way, I'm not ignorant and not arrogant.
How about YOU help the world instead of sit behind your computer and bitch about it?

Ummm I got a question for all the other bitching countries, How is our fatness being in the way of progress? And to let you know........... AMERICA RULES! YOU BETTER SUCK IT

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Move forward without us then

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Go to hell. I know very few people over weight. I know no one thats arrogant or ignorant. Most Americans don't think highly of themselves. And its you stuck up countrys calling americans lazy and stupid. Go get laid. America is freakin awesome.

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I for one hate McDonalds

Stop bitching because you have no rights.

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Before you even go and make posts trashing on America, why don't you go to America, hang out with some people who live in America, and then tell us if America is so fat and ignorant and stupid as you thought. Please do not base your thoughts about another country off of a ridiculous stereotype.

america is the land of the free, and we have proven that we can and will stand up and fight for whats right like in the boston tea party, and that we are just as good as any other countries in the world if not better, america is the land of promise, i bet your country doesn't have awesome nicknames that prove we are better than others, so until you can prove that america is the thing thats holding the rest of the world down, and not less developed and prosperous countries, shut up and suck it bastard

You know nothing. How much have you done to "move forward in the world". get off this site and shut it up

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Were you trying to be ironic? that statement itself is full of ignorance and arrogance. and if Americans are so awful then why do we lead the world in private philanthropy? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li...able_countries

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Seeing as the US is one of the major controlling powers in the world, and we're not the ignorant ones talking about your faults, you'd best be SHUTTING THE FUCK UP.

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Now that is just racist. It's also not true at all, seeing as the US has the world's largest economy and most advanced military. We're hardly holding anyone back.

America does everything first. who the heck do you think you are

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Yeah, the rest of the world doesn't like America. Everywhere I've been, I have met people who say America should stop thinking so highly of themselves and lay off the McDonalds.

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@Yeah, the rest of the world doesn't like America. Everywhere I've been, I have met people who say America should...

The people who always talk about how much america sucks and how fat and stupid they are, usually never been to America and never even met an American and they just say that because of the ridiculous stereotype. Also, just because we have McDonalds doesn't mean we eat it non-stop. Most people here don't even have it that often. Also, we do not all think highly of ourselves. Most countries aren't that different from America.

yeah americans are a lazy bunch!

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