It's hard to take Tyra Banks seriously. amirite?

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"I know you aren't the most attractive girl, but we are all beautiful on the inside... I know I used to be a famous model and everything, but under all these beautiful clothes and makeup I look slighty less attractive! Don't you feel better knowing we have something in common?"
That is a summary of everything I hear from her.

I know I'm voicing the unpopular opinion, but I actually really like her. She's not my idol by any means, but she's intelligent, she speaks well, she often has a self-deprecating sense of humor, and she's beautiful. Of course she certainly isn't perfect. I think at times her ideas are antiquated and she can seem to brush off people who don't agree with her. But, I like that she tries so hard to get people, especially young girls, to accept the idea that beauty can be diverse.

So true! Have you seen the Soup???

Right now she's talking about periods... She acts like being a woman is super hard.

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Especially as she often acts really serious on her shows.

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