The sex appeal of the video All The Things She Said was ruined when you found out the singers of t.A.T.u. faked being lesbians to build a career, amirite?

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It would have been sexier if they were actual lesbians though. They made me love lesbians, and then ruined it. Actually, I still love them.

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I wasn't actually into the music video in the first place. So I didn't even mind them faking the whole lesbian thing.

Plus, I loved [and still love] All The Things She Said.

t.A.T.u. <33

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Wouldn't it be sexier to a guy that they were faking? If they're not real lesbians but are up for doing a chick that means they can have more realistic fantasies about having a threesome (though it's not much more likely, it's still more likely to happen than having a threesome with actual lesbians).

They didn't do that, their producer made them out to be lesbians for the scandal and attention. They didn't want that.

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