You never had a male elementary school teacher, amirite?

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Well I did have less male teachers then now in High school but I think that's because women work better with small children.

I had more male than female teachers, and to be honest the male ones were always better. I can barely remember my second grade class which was taught by a women, but I have so many fond memories of my third grade class (taught by a man in case you hadn't guessed.)

And now you've got me strolling down memory lane...

I had two.

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I never had a male homeroom teacher but my Math teacher, my English teacher, and my Tech teacher were all guys.

I had one when I was in the 4th grade. We didn't realize it at the time, but he was flamboyantly gay. Now that I think about, it was really obvious.

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I had Mr. Ratburn. Man, he was tough. >:/

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Every male who expresses interest in being a primary school teacher is automatically a paedophile suspect.

@Simon Every male who expresses interest in being a primary school teacher is automatically a paedophile suspect.

My 20-something first grade teacher, Mr. Manning, got engaged after our class, (to a woman)

Mine was split, 1&3 were women while 2&4 were male.

What years are elementary school?
In primary school I had male teachers for maths in grade 5, English and art(the art teacher was a dick, the English teacher was awesome) in grade 6, and for Afrikaans, maths and social sciences in grade 7.

Grade 2: My female teacher was pregnant and left not even half way through the year, leaving us with a male teacher.
Grade 7: Had an awesome male teacher.
and now in Grade 8: I have a male teacher again.

For only a month.

In fifth grade my math teacher was male, but I don't think that really counts because he wasn't my base teacher. I was in another class and just went to his for math.

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I never had a male core subject teacher until high school...

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I only had one male teacher between Kindergarten and 6th grade, but he was actually a former announcer for our area's professional soccer team. I was like "what are you doing teaching 3rd grade?"

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