Minors: Drinking Izze makes you feel like a badass, amirite?

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I get that it tastes good, but why does it make you feel badass.


At first I figured it was alcohol, but then I googled it... why on earth would drinking carbonated juice make you feel like a badass?

Izze is a carbonated juice in bottles that look like beer bottles...However, this does not make me feel like a badass. It's just a step up from a juice box.

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At first I thought OP meant minors as in miners and I was all like 'what the hell is this guys problem? I dont see any relativity to digging ditches and fruity drinks'

and then i was like

"oh hey wait a minute..."


The Switch>Izze

That's like saying a shirley temple makes you feel badass.

whats Izze?

No, but I do love Izze.

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