when you are eating fruit, you are eating female plant ovaries. and if you are allergic to pollen, you are allergic to plant sperm, amirite?

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Not all "fruit" is an ovary. For example, apples are actually the swollen receptacle of the flower. But yes, the definition of a fruit is a matured ovary. Legumes, goat heads, squash, and cucumbers are all technically fruits too. Did you know that blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries are not actually berries? Blackberries/raspberries are called aggregate fruits. Which means they are several different drupes (a different type of fruit) that combined to form one. Strawberries are achenes. Each individual seed is its own fruit stuck on the swollen receptacle. Sorry I'm sure you don't care at all but that was my rant about fruit :]

Actually, eating fruit is more like eating baby plants. YOURE EATING CABBAGE PATCH KIDS O.O

Thank you for making me gag and be disgusted by the thought of apples and plums.

Yeah, because anything even slightly sexually suggestive is automatically hilarious.

There aren't female plants. Plants are hermaphrodires (that's the legitmate scientific term, not a slur). They're capable of reproduction through the male or female ways.

Actually there are female plants

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Example. Pinecones reproduce by having a male and a female that is how they reproduce

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The males release the pollen from there little spines ans the females catches the pollen in there's. Once the female is ferilized they drop to the ground in hopes of that they will become a pinecone tree. O btw the females are the ones that are short with open spines and males are kind of long with the sort of closed spines. Some trees produce only female pinecones and others produce male pinecones and sometimes they produce both. Cmon guys aren't y'all supposed to be smarter really? I'm 15 and I just proved u wrong!

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But there are some plants that have the female and the male parts on the same plant so I guess that's where u got that idea from.

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