Brunch is the accepted combination of breakfast and lunch, but there's no appealing way to mix lunch and dinner. Dunch sounds like an insult, and linner sounds like a drunk trying to teach algebra; there is no compromise, amirite?

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I say we ignore "dunch/linner" and go straight to brinner.

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Afternoon tea

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I always called it "lunner" since it takes about half the name of each.

I live in a part of the world that frequently substitutes supper for one of the two. However, I can't for the life of me remember which one it's supposed to be... I don't think anyone would be overly thrilled to be eating "sinner" though O.o "sunch"? "sinch"? "Supner", maybe. -.- Whoever came up with "brunch" had it easy though. :)

DiLunch. Sounds like an Italian last name. Mmmm..spaghetti..

i call it supper for some odd reason

When you said "drunk trying to teach algebra" I first read it as "duck trying to eat algebra"... that's a sure sign I need to get off the computer


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In my house it's linner.

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@In my house it's linner.

same. because dunch and brunch sound too simular



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Kinda sounds like "leper"... Not too appealing.

I always call it "lunner." It isn't too terrible, though, you're right, still not particularly appealing.

We've always called it lupper

Brelunner - breakfast, lunch & dinner

the correct term is lunner

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dinch you retard.

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