Why do news organizations go nuts over things like Balloon Boy yet ignore important world issues? I think they're trying to gain viewers by maximizing content that has to do with irrelevant pop culture, amirite?

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YES, MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD. Please stop reporting about it on the news >_>

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Balloons are magical ~:D

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There's a difference between reporting something, and then reporting the heck out of it. How many times did you see Larry King dedicate an entire hour to Michael Jackson? The Balloon Boy scandal should be covered to a fair degree seeing as

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the family used public services to further their careers, which is wrong. However, you're right. The media gives it too much time, partially because CNN needs 24/7 content. Anyway, seek out other new stations (like the CBC)

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Child in danger and conspiracy, it's got the makings of a blockbuster

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