Could you imagine if people in everyday life acted like the google search bar? "S-" "So You Think You Can Dance? Survivor? Sexy Emma Watson pics? South Pole's largest export? Sick fetish porn?", amirite?

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soooo, like the bing commercial?

@IndigoSkye soooo, like the bing commercial?

Along that idea, yes. However, in those commercials, they spout off tons of information about a WORD, I was simply imagining the extreme annoyance that would be faced if someone kept trying to finish your sentence after uttering the sound of its first letter.

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Google search doesn't suggest anything with the word "porn" in it... cough ummmm, not that I would know or anything... did it just get really awkward on here? Yeah, it did.

I disabled the auto-search thing the day it was out, I always get confused for a second at posts like this

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