I bet Stephen Hawking calls us walkie-talkies, amirite?

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Stephen Hawking needs to stand up for himself

Adolf__Hitlers avatar Adolf__Hitler Yeah You Are +14Reply
@Adolf__Hitler Stephen Hawking needs to stand up for himself

I agree! He needs to speak out against these jokes!

Blearslyrarers avatar Blearslyrarer Yeah You Are +10Reply
@That's just not how he rolls.

Dude, he's so gonna kick your ass... I mean knock you out... I mean curse you out... I mean flick you off.... I mean finger controllably hire to people to jump you in a parking lot... that sounds about rite

Honestly, guys, these jokes are offensive. I mean, what would Helen Keller say...

Anonymous +13Reply
@ethan96 Helen Keller was blind and deaf, not mute.

She still wouldn't be able to talk well from being deaf.

528491s avatar 528491 Yeah You Are +5Reply
@ethan96 Helen Keller was blind and deaf, not mute.

Yes, I'm fully aware that the woman learned to speak in her later life my pressing her fingers to the mouth or throat and mimicking the vibrations. It was a joke, anyway. Get a sense of humor or gtfo.

And, for your entertainment, a video of said woman speaking:
YouTube video thumbnail

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If this doesn't make the homepage I have some mods to kill...

Stealing jokes from sickipedia are we?

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I dont get it.

Anonymous -1Reply
@I dont get it.

Stephen Hawking is paralyzed and must use a computer to speak.

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