Before you die, you wish you could see a big movie montage of all of your life's greatest and worst moments (the worst to reminded you why the greatest were so good) amirite?

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That depends on who is in charge of picking out the soundtrack

Hahahhas avatar Hahahha Yeah You Are +18Reply

Don't forget the blooper reel!

what if your life sucked so bad that there is only 1 good moment and over 9000 bad ones

Kinda reminds me of the Giver. When they are going to get released and everyone has a party to remind them of their life.

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that would be kinda depressing though u know

danilols avatar danilol Yeah You Are +7Reply
@danilol that would be kinda depressing though u know

Yeah I would be crying through all the happy parts too. It'd be so sad to watch. :(

yesyouarerites avatar yesyouarerite Yeah You Are 0Reply

It sounds kinda depressing.
Here you are all trying to think of all the good moments in your life

TalkingRices avatar TalkingRice Yeah You Are +2Reply
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