Biological Classification: Kinky People Can Often Find Good Sex, amirite?

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Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.

I love it!

Kinky People Come Over For Group Sex
was the one we used in Biology, hahaha!

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My teacher taught us "Keep Privates Clean Or Forget Getting Sex"...

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lol, we had "keep putting clothes on for goodness sake"

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I'm so using this for my biology test!

We had
"King Philip Came Over For Good Sports"
and "Kyle Poured Coffee On Fred's Good Shirt"

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i had king phillip cleans our filthy gym socks.

which never made sense. if he was a king, why was he cleaning our gym socks?

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@Shugah We had "King Philip Came Over For Good Sports" and "Kyle Poured Coffee On Fred's Good Shirt"

I learned "Kicking Poor Cats Off Fair Grounds Saturday" o-o Kinda weird, if you ask me. >_<

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Katy Perry's Cavernous Ovaries... shit I can't think of anything after that. :(

Kids Playing Chase On Freeways Get Smashed.
I don't think my bio teacher liked kids.

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It actually is DOMAIN first. Then it continues on with kingdom, phylum, and so on.

There are 3 domains.

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King Phillip Came Over For Good Sex

@Pedo_Cat King Phillip Came Over For Good Sex

I learned this one on the oc! And another one about kittens, bit this one just stuck in my head more haha

kings play chess on funny green stools

Did Katy Perry Come Over For Good Soup

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ours was Kids Prefer Cake Over Fried Green Spinach

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whoa i just learned this yesterday :D my teacher came up with "Knights Play Chess On Fine Grain Sand" it was so random..

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