Girls: the best part about no longer being on your period is being able to wear all your slutty underwear again, amirite?

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Try "not being in pain"

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My guess would be no more cramps and no more bleeding.

The best part is not having to worry anymore;
About changing your pad/tampon
About leaking
About people noticing
About the emotional rage/crying

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Plus, I don't consider my thongs and such slutty.

@DarkSideofaCookie Plus, I don't consider my thongs and such slutty.

Thongs are slutty.... Are you telling me that butt floss isn't slutty.. Yeah right. Because if another girl decided to show your bf her thong.. that would be slutty to you -_-

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It's the best part for guys, to_O

I do that during my period and dance because I love every inch of my jiggling, water retaining flesh.

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