In middle school there were rumors that almost every male teacher was a pedophile, amirite?

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Does it count if all the girls wanted the teacher to be a pedophile so they'd have a chance?

Who's homepaging your posts?

@Albert_Einstein Who's homepaging your posts?

I know, I just saw four posts in a row, all by this guy...

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My junior high gym teacher was investigated for allegedly touching a sixth grader. It's even more horrifying than it sounds because he's one of those fat, crusty, chain-smoking hypocrites who took the job to torture small children.

An English teacher at my school that I have never met turned out to like teenaged boys very much.

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In my highschool, the vice principal is a bigoted Mormon pedophile

@Kluklayu In my highschool, the vice principal is a bigoted Mormon pedophile

A bigoted Mormon? Sounds like Mitt Romney... not too sure about Romney and the whole pedophile thing... hmm smilie

One of the gym teachers in the middle school is most likely a pedo

The 7th grade teacher at my school was a pedo-- when he thought you weren't looking, he'd always be staring at some girl's boobs, or touching some girl that was too scared to tell anyone until years later. He told one girl in front of the whole class that she was "very attractive." I mean, that's just not something a creepy 60-year-old (who always rubs his belly and pulls his shirt up, and he's not even attractive) should be saying to eleven- and twelve-year-olds...

Haha my vice principal was

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I am an eighth grade teacher and I'm a pedophile.

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In 8th grade our 22 year old wrestling coach and a 14 year old girl in my grade had sex. I'm not joking, she told me and it was in the newspaper.

Then another teacher who was like 50 looked down girls shirts and all this stuff.... he got fired AFTER i started high school /:

Those are both true stories too....

all of you are crazy:p

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my 7th grade english teacher was a 'pedophile'... he went after little boys :/

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My study hall teacher was a pedo, along with all my other male teachers. The only difference is that he actually got arrested.

One of our teachers got fired for the rumour...

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Not in my school, but several teachers were rumered gay. One of them was in a heterosexual marrage, and the other was a Male teacher who ended up dating the young, very pretty geography teacher.

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