Big Mac: $5.49 Cheeseburger: $1 Cheeseburger ($1) + Cheeseburger ($1) + Sauce (.50) = Big Mac ($2.50) ...what? amirite?

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The Big Mac in America averages $3.71. (http://econ.st/pQ6XNM)
I'm guessing $5.49 is for the meal, so the updated equation is Cheeseburger ($1) + Cheeseburger ($1) + Sauce ($0.50) + Fries ($1.59) + Soft drink ($1.49) = $5.58 for a medium meal so you end up saving 9 cents :)

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@Serg YES! NINE CENTS! I SHALL USE IT TO BUY.....something....

Assuming that prices have remained constant for the past 50 years (which they obviously have not), that big mac dude who ate 25,000 burgers would have saved $2250, which could buy him approximately more big mac 403 meals, or approximately 606 more big macs .

isn't the $5.49 for the whole meal though?

Do fries come with the Big Mac?

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We're just all fat.

You also get charged for the lettuce...

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