Multilinguals: It is, at least for the first few seconds, a moment of complete mindfucking when you're used to reading in one language and die Sprache wechselt in der
Mitte des Satzes, amirite?

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This must be awkward for multilinguals who don't speak German.

well considering I don't speak german, yes, I was completely mindfucked

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I kinda want this to be POTD.
I LOL'D, forealz.

But I agree, it throws me off when I'm reading in one language and then die Sprache wechselt in der Mitte des Satzes.

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I feel bad for the non-germans who had to google translate this.

greatrandes avatar greatrande Yeah You Are +18Reply

Je ne comprends pas?

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Merde. Je ne care pas.

@Montana Merde. Je ne care pas.

someone is a potty mouth

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I'll kill you.

@Montana I'll kill you.

I'll become a James Bond-Bruce Lee-Jackie Chan-Chuck Norris hybrid

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It's my favourite language.

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I can fluently speak two and get around in around six languages... German, no.

tea_s avatar tea_ Yeah You Are +8Reply

... Ja, it is.
Das machte me smile, though. : )

IchLiebeDichs avatar IchLiebeDich Yeah You Are +7Reply

I approve of this post.

Rainbowss avatar Rainbows Yeah You Are +3Reply

Genau. Aber spreche icy German in daily conversations

I don't even speak much more than a little bit of Spanish, but other languages just look so cool...:D

SpellChecks avatar SpellCheck Yeah You Are +3Reply

imagine if everyword was a different launguage then the rest

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'the language changes in the middle of the sentence,' I think.

I take German lessons but I'm not that good, but I think that's it. :]

Oh I see what sie tat es.

Si, I change entres los idiomas constantly when I'm aburrida.

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When I take notes in Spanish, I'll switch a couple words depending on which language has the shorter word or if one word in a language is more descriptive than the other so I have to write less. ;)

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