You know that you're the one in your family who is more likely to survive a zombie apocalypse, amirite?

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No, that would be my father. I don't think my skinny 14-year old body could hold it's own against a LIVE person, yet alone dead.

I'd like to think I would be, but my little brother is way faster, and much more athletic.

for the love of god yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i'm the only one with a plan so i would hope so.

Unfortunately it's probably my dad. He can run faster and is a driver for the military, so he can shoot and drive fast. I'm a pretty close second though.

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I'm pretty confidant I would be except that my dad has an advantage because he drives and no one else in our family does.

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My dad can hit people with sticks. Really big sticks. I'm better with a gun, but we don't have any.

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