Whenever you get in a disagreement with your parents about privileges, they always go back to the same "when you start paying the bills you can do whatever you want" argument, amirite?

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You can't do that in my house! Except when we need to clean the house, it's OUR house.

My parents use, "When you have kids you can tell them to do whatever you want, but you're my kid, so I tell you what to do."

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@kipkayify My parents use, "When you have kids you can tell them to do whatever you want, but you're my kid, so I tell you...

Ugh my parents say I'm horrible, blah blah and they're like "When you have kids then you will know". Like what are you talking about? What will I know? What new wisdom will I acquire?

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So annoying... And then I have friends whose parents give them SO MUCH FREEDOM and I feel like they rub it in.

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And you know what?
...they're right. If they feel like not letting you go out, sorry, they're paying for your room and board. The least you can do is not take advantage of it.

I've never had an argument like that with my parents.

They've never said this to ME specifically, but I've heard enough arguments between my two older siblings and them to know they'd say this to me if I ever let an argument get that far. The best part about having two older siblings is that I got to watch them go through the teenage years before I got there myself, so I know all the tricks and lines my parents use in arguments and stuff so I can work around them before they can even pull them out.

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Respect for parents' authority is important. They may not be perfect, but they are usually wiser and know what's better for their child than the immature teenager is. And if you think they are clearly wrong on an issue (not just strict, but actually wrong), talk to them abut it rationally instead of with a hissy fit

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