Muscular men drink protein shakes with raw eggs and nobody thinks about them getting sick, but when you try and eat some cookie dough, you get yelled at. Maybe I was just trying to get buff, amirite?

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I'm so muscular, I eat a bowl of nails for breakfast. Without any milk.

LonelyIslands avatar LonelyIsland Yeah You Are +13Reply

I only eat protein shakes.

Well, that and falcon eggs. And rocks.

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It doesn't matter what you put raw eggs in, you're only supposed to eat them raw if they're pasture raised. The only reason we don't get salmonella all the time from regular, corn fed chickens is because they've been pasteurized.

Sqwanchos avatar Sqwancho Yeah You Are +1Reply

inb4 "Cookie dough is bad for you and protein shakes..." blah blah blah

swimlaxs avatar swimlax Yeah You Are 0Reply

I drink protein shakes but with milk not eggs, that sounds gross un smilie

528491s avatar 528491 Yeah You Are -2Reply

protein shakes don't actually build muscle they just repair torn muscle tissue but i luv raw cookie dough

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