It sucks when somebody on YouTube is extremely hot to look at but he/she is really annoying, amirite?

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I mean, the same goes for in actual life too...
Not just on youtube...

"Hello, my name is Boxxy"

@_____________ "Hello, my name is Boxxy"

I knew she'd be on here, but I have to say that she really isn't THAT annoying.

"ijustine" comes to mind...

@AverageJodi "ijustine" comes to mind...

some people find hannahminx pretty annoying too

Press mute... problem solved.

Or have a reaaaaaaally annoyinh voice

Charles (CTFxC) and TobyTurner (tobuscus) come to mind for me...



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Hence the mute button!

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davedays & shane dawson

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@davedays & shane dawson

Davedays is not annoying.

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@davedays & shane dawson

shane dawson is not hot.

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@davedays & shane dawson

Shane Dawson is not annoying. He's hilarious.

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