Trying to write a book doesn't make you an author. Once you've finished, edited, and published your story, then you can call yourself an author, amirite?

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But... but SURELY sitting in a starbucks typing away on a macbook with a pseudo-thoughtful look on my face whilst constantly ordering ludicrously complex coffees for at least 8 hours a day counts as being an author.... r-... right?

Eh. I agree about the finishing and editing part but Publishing? I don't have to be Published to Write a book and Authors write books, So Writing a book makes you an author, not publishing.

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It's habit I've have,something I'm working on fixing. (My finger likes the shift key too much.)

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Are you sure it's 2 or 3? Aren't there distinguished authors that only published one book?

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THAT'S WHO I WAS THINKING OF. Sorry, I couldn't remember the author I meant :P

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