No one really lost an eye when you were playing as a kid, amirite?

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Those 3 no ways make me really want ask for stories. :D

@Lexii Those 3 no ways make me really want ask for stories. :D

But you just did. You can see that at least 3 of the comments here are from people who voted RED.

a friend of mine got hit with a snowball which had a stone in.

My best friend was playing stickball and the kid who was batting let go of the stick by accident and it hit him directly in the eye. No vision in that eye now.

My elementary school librarian couldn't see out of one eye because as a kid she was kicked by a horse she wasn't supposed to be messing with.

When my sister was younger, one of her classmates got hit in the eye (accidentally) by a hockey stick.


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My 8th grade earth science teacher got shot through the eye with a bb-gun

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My brother's friend got hit in the eye with a firework.

My friend's brother was playing with scissors and jabbed the scissors in her eye by accident.

I nearly did playing rugby.

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