It's annoying when schools remove "junk food" (fries, cookies, etc. ) and tell us to eat REAL lunch, but the lunch they serve is barely edible(grey meat, freezer burned food, stale bread, etc.), amirite?

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My school stopped selling fries and Gatorade because we're "obese". Yet, the food is crap. Some kids just buy ice cream, cookies, and/or iced tea. We're freaking starving, but hey! The school is saving money! /scoff

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One I stabbed my dressing (as in the food for Thanksgiving, not like, salad dressing) and it deflated and inflated again.
I swear, it was alive.

Haha I'm not sure what kind of school you go to.....but my school doesn't serve any grey meat.

I loveee you!

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