I hate condom commercials. It's very uncomfortable when you're just sitting there with your dad watching a football game when suddenly "NEW TROJAN FIRE AND ICE CONDOMS CAN RESULT IN PURE ECSTACY!!" while cutting to a scene of a man and a woman gasping with exertion. Not only do those commercials result in agonizingly awkward situations, fire and ice are the last things one would want on their d... amirite?

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why do they even need to put up an ad? i mean, if youre gonna buy condoms youre gonna buy condoms, the commercial isnt going to make you be like "oi! i should get a sex life so i can use those"

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Dick. The last word is dick.

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@DurzoBlint Dick. The last word is dick.

Nice observation Mr. Holmes

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@Device Nice observation Mr. Holmes

It's not an observation; I'm the one who made the post.

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Must be an American thing, I never see condom commercials on TV.

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No, not really.

I'm not sure if the website did it or you did, but that cut off at the perfect spot.

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Natural male enhancment commercials are even worse.

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The important thing is that safe sex is being advertised.

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