Animals (not including humans) only have to learn basic survival skills, while humans are required to go to school where they learn mostly only useless information which will not serve any purpose to them whatsoever ever. amirite?

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so you would rather be a caveman?

caveman good. School baaaaaaad. FIRE!

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You should be thankful you get an education. There's people that are forbidden to even learn how to read, and others who would kill to be able to get the kind of education you take for granted. Get a brain, grow up, and learn to appreciate what so many people have fought for you to have.

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it was just an observation, something that was interesting to me. that animals learn just what they need to survive while humans have a completely different system, in which we learn a lot of useful information, but also A LOT which aren't necessary to survive.

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humans also learn what they need to survive. without education you wont get a job, wont make money, wont be able to buy food or support your family. if we hadn't evolved the way we did, you'd be spending all your time hunting and gathering instead of playing video games which i don't doubt is what you spend most of your time doing.

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I just notice that all this school stuff seems to have made us the smartest species. Who is the species that is doing the least smart stuff for the environment.

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