You wish artists like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry would put out acoustic albums to show how vocally talented they really are, amirite?

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katy perry was a gospel singer who went by her birth name katy hudson, so listen to that and then decide. lady gaga can sing well acoustically. she was a live performer before she became famous.

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I was saying I love Lady Gaga? what the fuck is wrong with that, Chatterbox_97, or should I say JudgementalBox_97?

Why are we grouping Katy Perry with Lady Gaga?

@Philosopher Why are we grouping Katy Perry with Lady Gaga?

C'mon, let's not do that. OP was just giving examples of popular pop icons.

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@asleepfromday C'mon, let's not do that. OP was just giving examples of popular pop icons.

But one has an actual voice and the other doesn't, at least, as far as I know.

Lady Gaga is great live. She has real talent, whether you enjoy her music or not. if only the same could be said for Katy Perry...

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Gaga is fantastic live.

If I'm not mistaken, Gaga went to Oxford for music and came at the top of her class and is a classically trained pianist. I love that.

Katy Perry is not vocally talented...as much as i like her music, she actually really sucks live

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Lady GaGa is amazing live. Katy Perry...not so much.

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I don't wish to hear more from any of them...

yeah exactly :P

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just listen to 'speechless' by lady gaga:
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lol katy perry. I'm sorry but she is pretty shit live.

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Katy knows how to entertain and put on a show...but she doesn't have a good voice....at all.

These are all valid points about Gaga knowing music and piano, but can she actually sing without autotune? There are ways to alter your voice during a concert, or use a recording.

Lady Gaga has in fact made acoustic versions of her songs and I haven't heard about Katy Perry making any acoustic versions but I've heard that she was in a Gospel Choir before.

It's a bit rude for some of you people to be judgemental because these people were famous because of their talent and this is seen immediately by knowing that they're taking tours and people are actually buying albums and tickets to see them perform.

or aren't....

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Katty Perry has a nice voice!

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