You wonder what would happen if you sell your soul to the devil in exchange for a one-way trip to heaven, amirite?

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an atheist comes to yell at you for believing in heaven, and then while he isn't looking, throw him to the devil as a human sacrifice and then laugh maniacally on your way to the pearly gates. be sure to stop laughing before you get there, though, and look somber. the angels disapprove of murder, almost as much as they do loitering.

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Look what you did, dividing by zero!

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I think you meant "You just got damned"


He is well known for granting people their desires though.

It would rain french toast.

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Joint custody?

Well considering he's not in charge of heaven you are probably going to hell anyway

buttttt, you couldn't go to heaven anyway because the devil has your soul...

I bet st Peter would give you a new one way flight...down to hell.

Give him your first born son.

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