It’s tank top and shorts season for cute young girls which means it’s trench coat season for creepy old men, amirite?

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Trench coats? Really?
For me it's suit season.
...Birthday suit.

Francoiss avatar Francois No Way +18Reply

So ugly young girls can't participate in tank top and shorts season?

Chapsticks avatar Chapstick Yeah You Are +8Reply
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That's my sister asshole



Um...I don't think that's a girl...

Meandmycats avatar Meandmycat Yeah You Are +10Reply

At first, I read "...it's french toast season for creepy old men," so I was like whaddafuk.

AnnDeevas avatar AnnDeeva Yeah You Are +3Reply

Where do you live where you can wear shorts... It snowed this morning in Minnesota :(

noodalie95s avatar noodalie95 Yeah You Are 0Reply

I wonder if the slutty girls will cover up a bit more because of these men in trench coats.

SomeEpicNames avatar SomeEpicName Yeah You Are 0Reply
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