When did Easter become another Christmas? Last I remember all I got in my Easter basket was candy and the occasional toy, but definitely not a brand new baseball bat and trampoline, amirite?

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I agree, my cousin got some big toy or something.
I even disagree with chocolate being required for the holiday - sure, it's nice to get, but it shouldn't be the focus.

Easter should be about Jesus's resurrection, or if you're not Christian, a celebration of spring and/or new life with your family.

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Dude like twenty...

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I get a chocolate bunny and the DVD of my choosing. My friend got an xbox. Wtf.

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My friend got an iPod touch. I got a $10 iTunes gift card. I mean, I don't celebrate Easter so I'm lucky my parents still get me something, but when I did celebrate Easter I went apeshit over anything more than a box of peeps

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THIS. My friends got movies and gift cards in their Easter baskets! and not that I'm complaining or anything but I thought you're just supposed to get candy.

I got eggs filled with candy. And a basket.

My friends were shocked when they found out I don't get an Easter present... I was unaware that was the norm hmm smilie

What the hell are you talking about? Does this happen? When I was kid, I just got chocolate and the occasional VHS.

i got a tea set when i was like 5 and a movie gift card this year...customs just differ from family to family.

I was just having this conversation at lunch Monday! My friends were talking about all their Easter gifts and I was like "what? Arent you just supposed to get candy?" and they all looked at me like I was crazy. The most I've ever gotten was a bag of reeses and a toy.

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You poor man, are you ok?

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All I got was reindeer chocolate...

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I never got a basket or gifts... just found the eggs and ate the candy o.O

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My siblings and I got the choice between chocolate or a little bit of money instead of chocolate. Getting gifts is over the top

I got more than candy for easter ONCE. And that was a stuffed rabbit.
My friend in second grade actually DID get a trampoline. A big one -_-

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I just get one easter egg, but those little cute ones. But I dislike chocolate so this holiday isn't really an exciting time for me aha

Everyone I know just gets chocolate.

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Dude, how old are you..

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You're right. Giving gifts is just SO wrong.

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