So far, there've been bands who have Broken Benjamin, Asked Alexandria, Framed Hanley, and set Alexis on fire. You've gotta wonder who's next, amirite?

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And then there's those that Rise Against all the commotion, and some who fall after Three Days Grace. Others fail not once, not twice, but Thrice! Some are only good on Thursday. Some own a Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

Old-school bands were crazy too. Some were part of a Bad Religion. Some liked to watch Rolling Stones down a hill. Others wanted to see Beatles fight to the death. Yet others worshipped the Queen. Some couldn't spell ADHD and said ACDC instead. The ones you were obsessed about were obsessed with U2.

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They've also set their friends on fire and wrestled a bear once :)

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@gommy2bear They've also set their friends on fire and wrestled a bear once :)

They've also slept with Sirens and figured out who's a mouse and who's a man.

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And killed whitney dead, destroyed the runner, hunted the demon, escaped the fate, killed the prom queen, jimmy ate the world, and came as romans

They've Flogged Molly

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They also Killed Hannah. :( It was so sad. And now the Bells that mourn her, they won't stop Howling!

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I have Rage Against The Machine.

It really makes one Muse...

I love you because you know who Framing Hanley is. I feel like whenever I mention them people look at me like I'm making the band up.

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They've also Danced with Gavin.

Framing Hanley <333

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Man I live 3 doors down from this Pink house

Isn't it Breaking Benjamin? Or is that a completely different band?

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