They just came out with a new solution for homelessness. STOP donating food so that there won't be any of them left! Bam problem solved, amirite?

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Well with that logic, while we're at it lets just stop making food altogether and stop obesity.

Let's send the hobos to the starving kids in Africa. The starving kids can EAT the hobos.

Or vice versa. Whatever, we'll see how it plays out.

Not cool man.

@Amy_Lee Not cool man.

Yeah says the hobo

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@Yeah says the hobo

Hell yes says the Hobo.

It makes complete sense. Let's stop sending supplies to starving kids in Africa too; that way they'll all die and there won't be anymore starving kids.

The cure for HIV was just released: Kill everyone with HIV.

Plus then the rest of us would have more money, which will prevent anyone else becoming homeless.

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You are a disgrace to humanity

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