The stereotypes about California are kind of contradictory. There are the environmental hippies who want everything to be natural and then there are the tanned blondes with unnatural everything driving hummers. I guess they balance each other out? amirite?

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It's mostly mexicans

@MachoCheez and fat-asses. Lots of fat-asses

Depends which part your in. California's probably the most diverse state.

It mostly depends where you're located. Generally I think the hippie thing is a little more prevalent, but there are pockets of tanned d-bags. Like how California is generally liberal, but San Diego is known for being conservative.

It's mostly environmental hippies who do a lot of pot. The unnatural ones driving hummers are pretty rare in most of Cali, most of them are centered in L.A., aren't accepted by the rest of us and I've never heard Hummers as a stereotype for us before. It's $4.35 a gallon for gas. Which is why we drive a lot of hybrids/generally gas efficient cars.

@528491 damn it's a whole dollar cheaper here.

In Chicago, it's $4.50something. In Texas, it's $3.50something.

I save $20 every tank down south!

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it's the difference btw norcal and socal. norcal ie san francisco are the hippies and socal ie LA are the fake tans and hummers

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