All of those extreme couponers across America need to get together and propose a budget plan to the president, amirite?

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"Excuse me, Mr. President... but North Korea is having a 35% off special this week, so if we mix that with our frequent invaders card, we could get 80% in savings! Think of all the money we'd save this way!"

As I always say, "A penny saved is a penny earned".

But that would go directly against the Keynesian economic system we follow today! When the economy is bad, the government should spend as much as possible until the economy picks up again, then the government should stop spending excess money. Seriously though, if the government could actually use coupons, we would probably have a repeat of the Great Depression.

And yes, I do realize that I just went on an economics rant in response to a joke. So, sorry. http://tinyurl.com/3ref672

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I googled "(my city) Coupons" today and right along side the usual carpet cleaning and pool services coupons I see one for "$10 off 'escort' " wary smilie

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Were you watching criminal minds?

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im pretty sure the government doesnt have coupons

@Thomas im pretty sure the government doesnt have coupons

I thought they did. 50% off nucs when you purchase a certain amount of crude oil, that sort of thing. They're obviously just not using them to their full money-saving potential

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