You've never seen Trump's birth certificate, and now that you think about it, he does kind of have a funny accent, amirite?

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wow. i dont much like obama, but that was pretty damn awesome.

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It's called a New York accent.

Some think Trump is alien, let's see his birth certificate and while we're at it, let's see his tax returns....you think?

Bid surprise for you, eh?
A few years later and he is president! hehe smilie

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The only reason Obama was obligated to release both his regular and long-form birth certificates was because Republicans chose to fuel a fire under mentally challenged conspiracy theorists by creating a nonsensical and trivial claim instead of focusing on the real issues at hand.

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...he released his birth certificate all the way back in June of 2008.

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Aren't you going to reply back to DanielJames?I mean, clearly a Liberal like him can't possibly prove you wrong.
Pfft. He's probably still shaken from roller-coaster ride of death when he found out you were Conservative and is getting all his facts mixed up.
Next thing you know, he'll probably be saying Palin was wrong when said said Revere warned the British. What idiocy.


It's people like you that make republicans look like complete idiots.

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