It bothers you that a news anchor shows no change in facial expression or tone when talking about the dead and about the weather, amirite?

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News Anchors are there to provide the facts, not comment on the sadness. They're not supposed to show any emotion towards the subject. I'm sure it's really hard for them not to but it's their job and i'm sure they'd be in big trouble if they stated their opinion.

They aren't supposed to show emotion. Most of them actively try and stay deadpan when reporting on tragedies.The news isn't supposed to be emotional, it's supposed to be informative.

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actually the tornado with the highest death toll from NC had 12 deaths. i live in NC and this was front page news for days.

just sayin


I was watching where they were talking about the ones in GA where over 100 people have been pronounced dead. I teared up and those jackasses didn't.

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Maybe they'll get in trouble by their bosses if they start crying while on the air. I would think they'd keep their emotions controlled so it doesn't hold up the flow of the show.


I mean I understand dealing with it but... Still you should show just a bit of compassion.

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"Why don't the newscasters cry when they read about people who die?
At least they could be decent enough to put just a tear in their eyes" -Jack Johnson <3

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